Scorpions Wrestling School Programs:

Scorpions Wrestling School provides three basic programs. The programs we offer are our Jr. Elite, Elite 1 and Elite 2 Programs. These programs are all pre-High School programs aimed at preparing a wrestler for High School wrestling and beyond. We also provide a High School program for 9-12 grade wrestlers.  We have also begun an International wrestling program for wrestlers aiming to reach the highest levels of wrestling such as World and Olympic Championship levels. We use a ladder approach to teaching, with the idea that wrestlers move up in class structure as their developmental level increases and as certain wrestling criteria. All beginner wrestlers start in our Jr. Elite program as well as some wrestlers who may have wrestled two or three seasons but are not to the level of our Elite 1 class.

The majority of incoming members train in our Elite 1 class unless invited to train in our Elite 2 class, which is by invitation only. A member is not guaranteed to stay in a certain class during their time at Scorpions Wresting.  Members can be moved between classes depending on how often a wrestler attends practice, a drop or increase in training ethic, dominating or being dominated in a certain class by wrestlers of similar weight and or level are a couple of scenarios that may cause a member to move to a higher or lower level class. No one is exempt from being moved between classes. Our goal is to provide the highest level of training and to progress all our members to the highest levels of wrestling. We aim to keep each class as competitive as possible and hope that all wrestlers give 100% every single day.  Our main goal at Scorpions Wrestling is to produce World and Olympic Level wrestlers. With focus and hard work, and working together, we can accomplish this. 

The following are an introduction to our programs here at Scorpion Wrestling School:

Jr. Elite Program

This program is the first level of all the programs at Scorpions Wrestling School. It is designed for the beginner wrestler, as well as those who really have not grasped the basic skills of wrestling; stance, position, level change, motion, penetration. It is not only designed for your first year wrestler, but also some second to third year wrestlers who still havenít or canít understand the importance of the basic skills mentioned above. There is a lot of focus on developing basic skills of the neutral position, bottom position and top position. There is also a lot of focus on basic defensive techniques that are critical to learn before moving on to more high level things such as funks and high risk maneuvers. We feel repetition of these basic skills is important to the wrestlers in this class. Without a solid grasp of these basics, we do not feel it would be beneficial to move on to the next level of our wrestling program. 

Elite 1 Program

This program is the second level of our three step program at Scorpions Wrestling School. It is designed for wrestlers who have a greater understanding and focus on the basic skills of wrestling. Wrestlers in this class have the ability to perform the basic techniques with little instruction and demonstration. There is a higher focus on proper drilling, chain wrestling, takedown positioning, as well as a greater focus on mastering the basic skills from the first level of our program. This class gets into discussing the importance of set-ups, misdirection, and feeling pressure from all positions. This program finally gets into mixing in strength and conditioning and putting the wrestlers in situational scenarios that will help them become successful in wrestling.  There are several state and national placers and champions in this class. 

Elite 2 Program (Invite Only)

This class is the third and final level of our program at Scorpions Wrestling School. To get into this class, one must be invited by the coaches, no exception. This class represents multi-state and national placers and champions, as well as the majority of wrestlers on our National Dual Meet Teams. Instruction and demonstration is limited in this class as it is expected that wrestlers have a solid grasp of the basic skills of wrestling and have moved on to more high level technique and scenarios. Wrestlers in this class understand and know the proper way to drill. Sessions are higher paced and intense. Scrambling becomes and integral part of this class. Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling become an integral part of this class and practiced after the folkstyle wrestling season. Wrestlers continue to compete for freestyle state and national championships as well as a chance to represent Team NJ in the international styles. Some of the higher level 8th graders also train for a chance to participate at the Cadet/Junior Freestyle/Greco-Roman National Championships in Fargo, ND. Perfect technique is demanded in this class in order to prepare the wrestlers for high school and higher levels of wrestling. Year round wrestling is must in this class. 

High School Program

Scorpions Wrestling also has a High School program in which 9-12 graders train. After the regular season is over, outgoing 8th graders from our Elite 1 & 2 classes are allowed to move on to this class. There are high level middle school wrestlers and high school wrestlers of all levels in this class, from beginners to high school state placers, to Freestyle/Greco-Roman All-Americans. This class is aimed to prepare a high school wrestler to not only make it to the State Championships in Atlantic City, but to become a state champion. It is our goal in the High School program to continue training in the international style of wrestling, preparing the wrestlers for FILA & USA Wrestling National Championships. This year we had a couple of wrestlers train and participate in the FILA Cadet National Championships in which the winner represents the United States at the Cadet World Championships. We also had a USA Wrestling Greco-Roman All-American. 

There is a lot of strength and conditioning sessions during the summer months leading up to the wrestling season. Year round wrestling is encouraged in the High School class as we know that all the top High School wrestlers in the country are still wrestling once the regular season is over. 

International Program

This program is new to Scorpions Wrestling School and is something that we plan on building for the future of wrestling in the United States. This program involves a strict concentration in the international styles of Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling only. The aim of this program is to train high level wrestlers in these styles in order to help fulfill their dreams of one day representing the United States at a World or Olympic Championship. Our goal is also to travel with our wrestlers around the world to high level international wrestling tournaments, such as Sunkist Kids Open, NYAC International, Medved International, Golden Grand Prix,etc., in order to prepare them for World Team and Olympic Team Trials on yearly basis.  

Our goal is to eventually become a USA Wrestling Regional Training site for our USA athletes and obtain corporate sponsorships in order to help fund the dreams of these athletes. These funds would go strictly to the athletes to supplement cost of living, training expenses, travel to international tournaments, etc. Basically, the goal is to make wresting their jobs and have these wrestlers become professional wrestlers, training for one main goal, to become World and Olympic Champions for the United States. This is a model we are following from the biggest and most successful wrestling clubs in the United States, Nitanny Lion Wrestling Club (NLWC), Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club (LVWC) Gator Wrestling Club, Hawkeye Wresting Club and Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club to name a few.  These clubs sponsor wrestlers such as Steve Mocco, Brent Metcalf, Teyone Ware, Tervel Dlagnev, even Cael Sanderson to train full time in the sport of wrestling.

Visit our International Wrestling Sponsorship Program to view what we are trying to do in an effort to build Unites States wrestling to be a dominant force in the world again. As of right now, the International Styles of wrestling will be trained on Saturdays from 6-8pm.  If interested in this program, feel free to email us at